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Universities and Colleges

College and University administrators face huge challenges meeting the demands of students and staff for wireless services campus-wide.  As if economic constraints aren’t enough, often most vexing issue relates to the very nature of radio frequencies and how they propagate.  Unfortunately, granite, other quarried stone material and thick concrete, so commonly found in university and historic building construction, can be very difficult for cellular signals to penetrate.  Materials used in newer LEED certified structures, like reflective glass, can cause penetration problems as well.  Depending on campus proximity to the nearest cellular tower, reception in and around outdoor campus areas can even pose problems.  

Business Case for DAS-

University students and staff are rapidly adopting wireless lifestyles.  With the smartphones they use always on and always with them, these devices are fast- becoming the ultimate choice for communication and access to information.  With this emerging preference, the ability to connect is fast-becoming an expectation.   Meeting this expectation is not only becoming a more and more critical issue for educational institutions seeking to maintain or enhance their desirability as a destination for top academic talent, but also to facilitate learning and collaboration and to remain on the cutting edge of technological advances as a flood of new and emerging wireless services and applications hold great promise for improved operating efficiencies and sources for cash-flow-generating opportunities. 

A DAS Solution-

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) represents the best approach for administrators seeking to create a wireless campus.  DAS can be designed to overcome the most challenging cellular and wireless signal propagation issues indoors, no matter the facility type or construction, and in combination with outdoor DAS, can ensure the highest quality of reliable outdoor signal reception.  DAS can enable campus-wide cellular, WiFi, two-way and public safety technologies.

Streamline Networks-

Let Streamline Networks show you how designing, purchasing, installing, marketing and maintaining a multi-carrier, neutral-host DAS can be far less expensive than you think.