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DAS in Hospitality

Hotels and convention centers are often very bad environments for cellular signal propagation often due to distance from cell towers, but also due to the types of materials used in constructing these buildings.  Materials required to meet LEED certification, like reflective glass, only aggravate the problem. 

Business Case for DAS

Advances in smartphone design, a growing universe of mobile applications and information in a variety of highly useable formats is driving an exploding demand for wireless voice and data services.  Wireless and cellular access is fast-becoming a must-have amenity for travelers seeking accommodations or a destination for business functions.  Increasingly, hotel and resort guests expect to be able to connect to the outside world via their mobile devices anywhere and all the time.  At the same time, rapidly emerging mobile applications like mobile scan and pay, are generating new opportunities for owner/operators to enhance and customize the overall guest experience while increasing convenience and improving profits. 

DAS Solution

A DAS can provide an extremely effective means of overcoming cellular signal propagation issues to provide must-have cellular and wireless connectivity throughout hotel resort and convention center facilities.  Distributed Antenna Systems enable operators to tap into the revenue-generating potential of today’s mobile devices and applications. DAS can support, guest and staff smartphone,  public safety radio use, and WiFi access facility-wide.  A neutral host DAS can be deployed to provide access to multiple cellular carrier networks enabling the facility owner/ operator to appeal to the widest variety of needs, and to maintain and enhance the overall quality of experience for guests.

Streamline Networks

Let Streamline show you how designing, purchasing, installing and maintaining a neutral-host DAS for your facility can be far less expensive than you think.