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DAS in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities are quite often very bad environments for cellular signal propagation potentially due to distance from towers, but more often, because of the materials historically used in constructing them.   This is true to an even greater extent from materials like reflective glass commonly used in LEED construction.  In areas of weak signals, Mobile device power control algorithms cause increased battery consumption  as devices “work” to seek network uplink (similar to battery drainage seen in any area with poor coverage).  More power used seeking an up-link equates to greater battery drain.  Because a well-designed DAS effectively enhances signal propagation, device algorithm controlled up-link power boosting and battery consumption are minimized.  In a medical facility with a DAS, device power levels can often be sustained at levels below the 5mW healthcare EMI threshold, effectively minimizing potential medical equipment interference.              

Business and Clinical Case for DAS

Healthcare facilities represent an application-rich mobile environment.  Facilitating worker mobility, improving access to patient information, and an the role wireless communications can have in encouraging staff collaboration and improving overall patient care and well-being are driving healthcare  operators to turn to DAS.   With DAS, wireless can also be deployed to extend the benefits of facility-wide wireless access to guests and visitors enhancing their facility experiences as well.   

Streamline DAS Solution

DAS can support medical telemetry, physician, staff and visitor smartphone use, as well as WiFi for mobile computing.  A neutral host DAS can be deployed to provide access to all cellular carrier networks enabling the healthcare facility operator to meet needs of users operating on multiple carrier networks.